1、 Project Overview
The black box is one of the special electronic recording equipment for aircraft. There are two black boxes, cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder. All mechanical parts and electronic instruments of the aircraft are equipped with sensors to connect with them. It can record half an hour's voice conversation before the aircraft stops working or crashes, and two hours' flight altitude, speed, heading, climb rate, descent rate, acceleration, fuel consumption, landing gear retraction, Greenwich Mean Time, as well as aircraft system working conditions and engine working parameters, and other flight parameters. When necessary, it can decode the recorded contents for flight experiments and accident analysis.
The shell of the black box is made of thick steel plate and many layers of thermal insulation, impact resistance and compression protection materials, which are usually installed in the safest part of the tail of the aircraft. The recording medium has also been improved from tape to a static storage recorder that can withstand greater impact, similar to the memory chip in a computer, to prevent the black box from being damaged in an air crash.


2、 System requirements
1. It has special protection capabilities such as strong impact resistance, penetration resistance, high temperature fire resistance, deep-sea pressure resistance, seawater immersion resistance, corrosion resistance liquid immersion, etc., and can store its internal stored information in various aircraft accidents.
2. After the aircraft is powered on, the black box will automatically start work to record the operation and status information of the aircraft related systems, the flight crew's operation information and the relevant audio and video information on board, which are not under the control of the personnel.
3. According to the requirements of civil aviation, the data information of the black box is collected from the aircraft sensors and related systems in real time. Flight data at least 25 hours before the power outage and audio data for 2 hours must be retained. The recorded data cannot be changed.

3、 Solutions
Core module+backplane
System features:
1. High integration and rich interfaces
2. Low power consumption, fanless design
3. Support wide temperature range