Rail Transit

On board man-machine interface system

1、 Project Overview
The on-board human-computer interface system is the interface between on-board equipment and driver for interactive information. It can transfer the information of equipment operation to the driver through text, image, voice, etc., and input the query or parameter setting information to the on-board equipment through driver input.
The system is used to assist the driver to drive the train safely. It provides clear and intuitive driving information to the driver through the display screen, and assists the driver to complete a series of information entry and daily equipment inspection functions through touch screen operation. The driver interface can be humanized according to the user's needs.

2、 System requirements
1. Hardware platform: high-performance embedded motherboard, with strong data processing and logic control capabilities;
2. Software platform: embedded real-time operating system, which uses high-level language programming to ensure high reliability and portability of the system;
3. Display screen: the display is intuitive and clear, and it is required to be visible in the sun, and multi task display mode can be realized at the same time;
4. Adopt dual network redundancy technology and security communication protocol to communicate with ATP to effectively ensure the security and availability of information;
5. Large capacity storage, and the seismic performance shall meet the train service environment;
6. Abundant external interfaces can provide RS232, USB and RJ45 interfaces to communicate with peripheral devices;

3、 Solutions
1. Overall scheme: SOM core module+expansion backplane;
2. System configuration: Wince7.0 embedded operating system;
3. Hardware configuration: main frequency dual core 1G, memory board 1G, storage board 8G;
4. Display configuration: LVDS, 12 inch LED LCD, 800 high brightness, visible in the sun;
5. I/O interface: 2 * CAN, 2 * RS232, 2 * LAN, 4 * USB;
6. Ambient temperature: - 40 ℃ -+85 ℃;
7. Special requirements: EN50155 certification, three proofing paint, mesh port isolation, under fill;