Intelligent power

Power quality analyzer

1、 Project Overview
Power quality analyzer is a special product for testing and analyzing the operation quality of power grid. It can provide harmonic analysis and power quality analysis in power operation, and can conduct long-term data acquisition and monitoring for power grid operation. At the same time, it is equipped with power quality data analysis software to analyze the measurement data uploaded to the computer.

2、 System requirements
1. Hardware platform: high-performance PC104 embedded motherboard, with strong data processing and logic control capabilities;
2. Software platform: embedded real-time operating system, using high-level language programming to ensure high reliability and portability of the system;
3. Display requirements: high brightness LED LCD screen, visible in the sun;
4. Redundant and independent dual 100M industrial Ethernet and RS232 communication interface shall be configured. Multiple communication modes can be selected to interact with the remote management center;
5. Large capacity storage space, meeting the data storage requirements of power quality monitoring device, and real-time data will not be lost in case of power failure;

3、 Solutions
1. Overall plan: Customized multi port PC104 embedded motherboard
2. System configuration: Wince6.0 embedded operating system
3. Hardware configuration: main frequency 800MHz, memory board 256MB, IDE DOM storage;
4. Display configuration: 8.4 inch LED LCD, 600 high brightness, visible in the sun;
5. I/O interface: 2 * RS232, 2 * USB, 3 * LAN;
6. Ambient temperature: - 20 ℃ -+70 ℃
7. Power supply:+ 5V@800mA