Manager of Procurement Department


Minimum education:

Junior college

Number of recruiters:


Experience requirements:

1-3 year

Work area:


Job responsibilities:
1. Formulate the work objectives of the Procurement Department according to the company's operating objectives;
2. Determine short-term and long-term suppliers and supply channel expansion;
3. Assist procurement personnel in negotiating price, payment method and delivery date with suppliers, maintain relationship with suppliers, negotiate competitive prices, etc;
4. Organize the evaluation of new suppliers, and organize regular supplier assessment and evaluation to establish a good relationship with suppliers;
5. Follow up the handling of defective materials and supervise the claim of raw materials;
6. Determine short-term and long-term suppliers and supply channel expansion;
7. Establish and improve the procurement process and monitor the procurement progress;  
Job requirements:
1. 25-40 years old, college degree or above, major in electronics, electromechanical, economics and other related fields;
2. More than 5 years of relevant procurement management experience, industrial control industry is preferred;
3. Experience in supplier management, skilled in operating office software, familiar with operating ERP system, etc;
4. Good communication and coordination skills, interpersonal skills;
5. Strong language understanding and expression ability;
6. Work earnestly and responsibly, be active, enthusiastic, patient, and have good psychological quality and anti pressure ability;