Production Management


Minimum education:

Junior college

Number of recruiters:


Experience requirements:

1-3 year

Work area:


Job responsibilities:
1. Track product quality problems and formulate improvement measures;
2. Organize the analysis and improvement of abnormal problems in product development and production;
3. Lead the cause analysis of quality problems and handle customer complaints;
4. Be responsible for the formulation, modification and regular review of inspection standards, and check the implementation and effectiveness of standards;
5. Participate in and plan various quality management activities
Job requirements:
1. College degree or above
2. Proficient in using office software, with certain data analysis and file sorting capabilities
3. Experience in leading a team. Work earnestly and responsibly with a high sense of responsibility.
4. Experience in quality inspection management of electronic product processing;
5. Be familiar with the application of quality management tools and methods, and have strong ability to analyze and solve problems;